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Cockatiels, Night Frights, Signs and Symptoms of a Sick Bird ...
I haven't seen my cockatiel eating or drinking water. How can I tell if it is? Your bird may be eating and drinking when you are not looking but it's normal for new .


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My Cockatiel Simon ,appears sick He is eating and drinking ...
My Cockatiel "Simon" ,appears sick ? He is eating and drinking . i went away for a few days and came home to him being very very quiet and not playful as usual .

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Animal Care -- Cockatiel
Although smart and responsive, the Cockatiel is not a likely to learn how to talk. . be placed below food and water bowls to allow the Cockatiel to eat and drink.

The Cockatiel
Many Cockatiels are given up to shelters and rescue groups; not because they . lethargy, refusal to eat and/or drink, difficulty perching, sitting on the bottom of .

Cockatiel nutrition,,,,help - Auspet - Message Boards
I have a grey cockatiel that doesnt want to eat anything but his birdseed and . not eating the ones he dont aslong as he is eating well and drinking there is no .

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Cockatiel Chromatics - Cockatiel Illnesses
It may not eat and sometimes not even drink. - The bird won't pay . Picture: This cockatiel has digestive problems and it has gotten thinnes fast. You can see this .

How to Get My Cockatiel to Drink His Water |
Sit with your bird and drink a glass of water or eat a snack. Birds are . Bring your cockatiel to a veterinarian if he is still not drinking after you've tried these tricks.

Parrot - Cockatiels: Miscellaneous Birds: Animal Planet
Cockatiels are a type of parrot and are commonly found in Australia. . These birds are usually calm, and they do not make annoying, shrieking calls . After 7 to 8 weeks, the young birds are able to eat and drink independently of their parents.


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