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imaginary - definition of imaginary by the Free Online Dictionary ...
Definition of imaginary in the Online Dictionary. . and encyclopedia. imaginary friends, imaginary number, imaginary friend, imaginary numbers, imaginary unit.


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imaginary - definition of imaginary by Macmillan Dictionary
A lonely child sometimes creates an imaginary friend to play with. The Equator is just an imaginary line. Thesaurus entry for this meaning of imaginary .

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imaginary friends [Archive] - Europe Forum
My definition of "imaginary friend" is a friend only if they can get something from you. They're willing to stab you in the back or dump you at the .

What does imaginary mean? -
Definition of imaginary in the dictionary. Meaning of imaginary. . " a small child's imaginary friends"; "to create a notional world for oneself" .

Urban Dictionary: imaginary friend
Usually as a result of not having much or any friends in reality, your mind creates an imaginary friend. Even the creator of an imaginary friend ca...

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KidsLife - The world of the imaginary friend
What prompted the study into imaginary friends? Children who have imaginary friends by definition, engage in lots of pretend play, which has long been .

Imaginary friends for treating loneliness = Unhealthy? : Schizoid ...
You have written this with the implication that you have an imaginary friend who is not you, which is by definition impossible. Any imaginary .

Mikey's Imaginary Friends "Jake the Helicopter Pilot" (standard ...
Sep 26, 2010 . Mikey's Imaginary Friends "Jake the Helicopter Pilot" (standard definition) . Mikey's Imaginary Friends - The Lykke Li Show (Official Music .


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