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GArray - GNOME Developers
#define g_array_index(a,t,i). Returns the element of a GArray at the given index. The return value is cast to the given type. Example 21. Getting a pointer to an .


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.serializeArray() – jQuery API
<form> <div><input type="text" name="a" value="1" id="a" /></div> <div><input . </div> <div> <input type="submit" name="g" value="Submit" id="g" /> </div> </ form> . Is here a function to get array (key=>val) of inputs/selects out of form?

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Blitz++ User's Guide
You can also get an element by providing an operand of type TinyVector<int, N_rank> where N_rank is the rank of the array object: TinyVector<int,3> index; .

OCaml Basics
Ocaml does not mix types or automatically convert types. . However, getting and setting arbitrary elements in array is fast, while getting/setting arbitrary elements . When the result function is applied to a argument x, it is equivalent to f(g(x)) .

Generics in the .NET Framework
Generic Delegates for Manipulating Arrays and Lists . Among the benefits of generics are increased code reusability and type safety. . GetType() = {0}", g. Field.

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1D Array Processing (F book, chapter 7) Arrays, a group of variables ...
arrays of derived types: type ordered_array type (ordered_real), dimension(5) :: a real :: value_with largest_key end type type (ordered_array) :: g. This can get .

Array - Class: Array (Ruby 1.9.3)
A negative index is assumed to be relative to the end of the array—that is, an index . little-endian byte order G | Float | double-precision, network (big-endian ) byte . get data type */ #ifdef NATINT_PACK natint = 0; #endif if (ISSPACE(type) ) .

system_default_date_formats | | Drupal 7 | Drupal API
$formats[] = array( 'type' => 'short', 'format' => 'Y-m-d H:i', 'locales' => array(), . 'ro- ro', 'ru-ru'), ); $formats[] = array( 'type' => 'short', 'format' => 'm/d/Y - g:ia', .!


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