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In 1791, Vermont joined the United States as the 14th state, the first outside the . while still independent, and upon joining the Union became the first state to . The work of the trained sculptors of this corporation can be seen only 3 miles (4.8 .


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Vermont Poised to Become 1st State to Enact Single-Payer ...
May 26, 2011 . AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Richter, did you actually move from Buffalo, New York, to Vermont for this purpose, to get one state in the nation to pass .

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Vermont Poised to Become 1st State to Enact Single-Payer Healthcare
May 26, 2011 . AMY GOODMAN: Dr. Richter, did you actually move from Buffalo, New York, to Vermont for this purpose, to get one state in the nation to pass .

When did Vermont Become a State | Reference Answers
Vermont became a state on March 4, 1791. The population of Vermont is just over 600000 residents. Vermont covers a land area of 9615 square .

Vermont State Archives and Records Administration: Villages and ...
Vermont State Archives & Records Administration logo . When a village breaks away from the parent town to become a city, do town, as well as village, .

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Vermont - Fun Facts and Information
Vermont chose its official state fruit and pie in 1999. . Does Vermont have a state fossil? . Vermont became the first state to ban air conditioners using CFC's.

Rights & Resources - By State - Vermont - By Topic - Family Law in ...
Can same-sex couples marry in Vermont? Yes, beginning September 1, 2009. On April 7, 2009, Vermont became the fifth state to allow same-sex couples to .

The American Indians did not establish borders the way we do today. . Only Vermont and Texas were independent republics before they became states. By this .


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