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Down Syndrome: FAQ
Feb 21, 2005 . Frequently asked questions about Down Syndrome. . Men with DS have traditionally been considered sterile; however, there have been two . long a baby born now with DS would live as so many things can change for them .


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Down Syndrome - Genetic Science Learning Center - University of ...
How do people get Down syndrome? . which occurs when the long arm of chromosome 21 breaks off and attaches to . About half live to be 50 years of age .

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New Guinness Book of World Record for Oldest Person with Down ...
Sep 25, 2008 . Do you know of any other individuals with Down syndrome in their 60's, . TOLD THAT PEOPLE WITH DOWN SYNDROME DONT LIVE LONG.

General - Downs Syndrome Association
No, people with Down's syndrome do not have a particular personality type. . thousands of people with learning disabilities in institutions known as long stay hospitals. . with many people with Down's syndrome leading rich and varied lives.

About Down Syndrome
Three genetic variations can cause Down syndrome. . Now that people with Down syndrome are living longer, the needs of adults with Down syndrome are .

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Down Sydrome and You
babies born in Canada will have Down syndrome. So far, no one knows . Most people with Down syndrome learn things more slowly. You . learn to read, or how long it will take. . meet the right person, or live together as partners. There is .

Down's syndrome - information from Bupa on Down's syndrome ...
Eye problems, such as short- or long-sightedness or cataracts (cloudy . People with Down's syndrome learn to do things throughout their lives at different rates.

WI EPHT--Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21) Data and Information
Certain factors seem to influence how long a person with Down syndrome will live, including ethnicity, low weight at birth, and whether the baby was born with a .


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