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Official NWN2 Patches - Neverwinter Vault - IGN
Oct 31, 2006 . NWN2 Game Info . NWN Game Info . Please note that Obsidian can't support the NWN2 Patcher tool or use of these patches outside of their .


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GameJackal Pro released [Archive] - SlySoft Forum
. its definately not that... Hmmm , NWN2 1.06 works fine in XP with GJ. . in XP with GJ. ... and C&C 3-TW with 1.06 update works fine in Windows Vista. :clap: . on Win XP SP2. If you need more info than that I can post it up.

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Neverwinter Nights 2 Updates -
Atari Announces Neverwinter Nights 2 Adventure Pack. Press Release . Neverwinter Nights 2 1.07 to 1.06 Revert US Patch . MAC Release Info. Release .

YATT: Yet Another Terrain Tool
YATT 0.9.11 - Recompiled for NWN2 Version 1.21.1549 :: 2008-11-18 . the wrong version of NWN2 (*grumble*) this is now the real 1.06.973 final patch version of YATT. . Here you will find information about what YATT is and how to use it.

NWN2 on Vista? - Penny Arcade Forums
You might find relevant info at the NWN2 forums, as they are quite lively. And yeah, the game itself . robaal: It actually errors out during the update, as well. It updates through 1.04, . dump of the update: Your game version is: 1.06.980 English .

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May 2007 - - Archived News
May 31, 2007 . Valve has released a Steam Client Update, and along with some fixes, there is . personal details including credit card information to "activate" your Windows. . A Beta 1.06 Patch has been released for Neverwinter Nights 2, .

Neverwinter Nights 2 1.07 béta patch letöltés | PC GURU Online 3.0
Sep 7, 2007 . Neverwinter Nights 2 1.07 béta patch . Verzió: 1.06 --> 1.07 [US] . Note that while the information given here refers to the default function of . :: Voir le sujet - PATCHS NWN2 + MOTB + SOZ
Posté le: 5/11/2008 19:05 Sujet du message: PATCHS NWN2 + MOTB + SOZ . Patch 1.05.912 vers 1.06.972 . Patch 1.06.980 vers 1.10.1115 . Pour info, McGnome est l'un des alias fort connu de Rob McGinnis puisqu'il l'utilise/utilisait un .


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