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Word Origin & History. check. early 14c., from O.Fr. eschequier "a check at chess, " from eschec, from V.L. *scaccus, from Arabic shah, from Pers. shah "king," the .


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exchequer - Online Etymology Dictionary
The Online Etymology Dictionary. Search: Search Mode, Natural Language, Find single term, Find any term, Find exact phrase . from Anglo-Fr. escheker "a chessboard," from O.Fr. eschequier, from M.L. scaccarium "chess board" (see check).

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Check back soon for a bibliography. . The origin of this saying dates back to the 1600s. Poor drainage . There are other theories about the origin of this phrase.

etymology - Origin of the chess term "checkmate"? - English ...
May 18, 2011 . Check comes from a Persian phrase 'shah' (king) where 'shah mata / shah mat' . I find the etymology at word origins (the nicer description) .

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Check When your teacher tells you to "check your work", they may not be thinking of it as a number related word, but between its ancient origins, and its multiple .

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It just hands down decrees on phrase origins--some of which I cross-checked against other sources in my collection and found contradictory evidence or reports .

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Count (e.g., using check marks) number of target word encounters in . Objective. The student will identify the meaning of words and word-related information .

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Check the spelling and meaning of words from any application using Microsoft Word. Spelling suggestions and meanings are displayed in a non-disturbing way .


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