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Inca Culture
The Inca culture is part myth and part Peruvian history. Without any written records, it becomes almost like a legend. Here's a people that existed for a three .


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Inca Empire - Peru, History
Index Inca Empire - Atahualpa (by Library of Congress/Encarta) . of the largest and wealthiest empires in the western hemisphere beginning in the mid-1400s.

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Inca Civilization - Crystalinks
The aristocracy, starting with the curaca, were allowed to engage in polygamy. Trial marriages were typical within Inca culture. In this type of marriage, the man .

The Inca Empire (Tahuantinsuyo): History, Culture, Events
Historians put the beginning of the Inca Empire at around 1200. The Tahuantinsuyo had risen in the Cuzco (Cusco) area, later it has expanded and included .

Inca Empire
Stretching 2500 miles, Inca Empire had a short life of only about a hundred years. When the Spanish conquered the Inca in 1532, they were a small ethnic group .

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Inca Culture - History of the Incas
The Inca Empire was easily one of the most impressive civilizations to ever rise in the Americas. Beginning as a tribe roughly around the year 1200 AD, the Inca .

Rise of Nations Heaven: Inca
The beginning of the Inca Empire started with the conquest of the Moche city- states sometime in the 13th Century A.D. The hierarchical organization and .

Inca Empire : One of the best government in ancient days
The Inca Empire originated in the region of Cusco Basin, sometime around 13th century. Then they started to spread and they became the largest Empire very .

Inca - Culture and Civilization of South America
The history of the Inca is mainly known from stories that have been passed down and from records made after the Spanish conquered the empire. Starting in the .


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