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UNICAP is an abbreviation for "Uniform Capitalization", a tax concept governed by United States Internal Revenue Code § 263A (IRC § 263A).


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Chapter 6 Uniform Capitalization Rules - §263A Long-term Contract ...
Uniform Capitalization Rules - §263A. Long-term Contract Rules - §460. Primary Authority (read where referenced in this chapter). ? IRC ??263A, 460. ? Regs.

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Tax Update
The Uniform Capitalization rules (UNICAP) of IRC Section 263A require the capitalization of all direct costs and indirect costs during any periods of production.

TaxAlmanac - A free online tax research resource and community ...
Sep 30, 2009 . I think what I read referred to IRC 263A for a definition of capital improvements. PPC also said: Expenses for "Unimproved and Nonproductive .

Capitalization of Interest - The Tax Resource Group
The UNICAP rules, specifically IRC Section 263A(f) enacted in 1986, generally apply. I would assume that your client is complying with those rules with respect .

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Legal Ruling 98-1 | California Franchise Tax Board
The UNICAP rules contained in I.R.C. § 263A 5 generally address the . 6 For purposes of the MIC only, the UNICAP allocation rules of I.R.C. § 263A are only .

Inventory Accounting For Wineries: Guest Article by Joyce Jakubiak ...
The Internal Revenue Service provides guidance under IRC Sec. . including a “ simplified production method” as described in the regulations under IRC 263A.

The process in which its products are manufactured is central to determination of whether Suzy's Zoo is a “producer” under I.R.C. § 263A. This process is .


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